app design
The Marine Mammal Rescue Centre (MMR), in a nutshell, is a rescue facility for sick, injured or orphaned marine mammals and gives them a second chance at life via rescue, rehabilitation and release.
As part of my MMR Campaign Design project, an app concept was further developed as a result of its positive feedback gleaned from the concept testing. Based on the non-profit's persona, which helped guide the campaign's development, an app as a way to get involved/donate fell in line with the persona's reachability touch points within her journey map.
The app was a game I created inspired by a popular handheld digital pet game from 1996 called Tamagotchi. The objective of the inspiration game was to keep your digital pet happy whether it would be by feeding it, training, relieving it, etc.
With that objective in mind, the new concept was a marine buddy where you would take the role of an MMR Centre volunteer and rescue distressed marine buddies, rehabilitate them with food and medication, and finally, once it reaches a suitable health and weight, based on its species and sex, you would release it back into its natural habitat.
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