black & white ad
Create a cohesive and eye-catching travel ad using the design principle of Point, Line & Plane. With strong graphic shapes or illustrations, create a landscape and portrait news print ad for a travel company called Go Places using only black and white. NO photographs.
The client offers different types of tours to suit every need and therefore the tour options for which we had to design were either Adventure, House Guest or Voluntourism.
As a recent PADI certified diver at the time of this project, I chose a cave diving tour in Mexico, and it was within the thumbnail process where the idea came to fruition.
The universal scuba flag (above) became the main inspiration of the design as it would be immediately recognized by a diver - aka the target audience. When diving, a "diver down flag," or "scuba flag," is raised on the water to indicate that there are divers below and therefore other vessels should keep clear and proceed through the area with caution.
The down slope of the flag is outlined by the cavernous scene in which all that's visible are the divers' lights illuminating their decent.