tourism branding
Create a new logo, brand guide including color palette and typography for Hotel Gardenia, a fictional hotel on the beaches of Honolulu, Hawaii. 
Then, create a multi page responsive e-brochure featuring information about the hotel, accommodation and facilities to be shared in promotional emails, and as a direct downloadable link (PDF) for tourism companies and tourists with a special interest in the Caribbean and Pacific Islands tourism.
The words Romantic, Luxury, Ornate, & Eden resonated from the concept map. To be unique and veer away from the literal use of the gardenia flower, instead a garden gate was used to portray the Eden once one walks through its doors.
The two fonts chosen were a mix or modern serif and sans serif typefaces. For the logo itself, display and headings the Big Caslon FB family was used for its modern serif and the Avenir family for its contrasting sans serif body copy.
Being in Maui and in keeping with the sense of renewed energy (recharging oneself on vacation), green was used as it relates to the balance and harmony of the mind, body and emotions which Hotel Gardenia strives to maintain for its guests. For the brochure, being located on Waikiki Beach the colors of the beach were used including blues, teals and light browns to represent the sky, water and sand.